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Minnesota Photo Locations

This page contains recommendations for great shooting locations in Minnesota. Locations may include a brief description of the area, recommended places to visit, times of year to go, lodging, etc. and may include a small image, a map or a web link to the location (i.e. state park).

If you have a favorite place to shoot that you want to share, please contact your Webmaster.

Banning State ParkBanning SP

Banning State Park is a 6,237 acre state park surrounding 10 miles of the Kettle River near the cities of Sandstone and Askov in Pine County Minnesota. The landscape is comprised primarily of dense woodlands that surround the Kettle River and various creeks that run through the park. The river itself is contained within an eroded sandstone valley, and  is named for the large potholes known as "kettles" that can be found along its banks. Spring brings a profusion of wildflowers to the park, offering many photographic opportunities. Water levels on the Kettle River and the various waterfalls are also typically at their highest in early spring. Visiting during autumn (usually mid to late September) is also highly recommended, as the park contains large quantities of colorful birches, maples, and aspens. Also worth noting, is the biting insect population; spring, autumn and the winter seasons are significantly more enjoyable time to visit than mid-summer. Summer brings with it large quantities of mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies; remember your bug spray!    

Highlights include:

  • Kettle River rapids
  • Wolf Creek Falls
  • Big Spring Falls (located in a seperate sub-section, in the nearby city of Sandstone)
  • Sandstone formations and kettles
  • Exceptional autumn colors
  • Large numbers of trilliums and Other wild flowers in May
  • Ice formations along Wolf Creek (winter)

(Submitted by Joel Truckenbrod)